Are you a woman landowner? Would you like to better understand how to manage your land to improve it for future generations?

Through outreach, we work with women landowners to provide education and resources about conservation methods you can implement on your land.

Women own half the farmland.

By our best estimates women now own or co-own close to 50% of the farmland in the US. A large portion of those women are over the age of 65, and an increasing number are single owners, who may not have had much say in farm management decisions in the past.

We know through our work with women landowners over the past 15 years that you have strong conservation values, and want your land farmed sustainably into the future by a young farm family. We can help you achieve those goals.


Take Action


Women Landowner Learning Circles

Women value women-only, in-person meetings with their peers. “Learning circles” are meetings in which every woman’s knowledge and expertise is of value. You are the expert on your own farmland — even if you don’t have all the answers yet!

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Online Resources for Women Landowners

Browse our downloadable publications on a wide-range of topics, including navigating CRP programs, talking to your tenant, and talking to your family about cover crops.





Women Caring for the Land

Conservation outreach and education for women non-operator landowners. Learn more about our curriculum and hosting a Women Caring for the Land learning circle in your community.


Women, Land and Legacy

Women, Land and Legacy is a USDA program, coordinated through WFAN, which helps Iowa agricultural women come together to converse, listen and become empowered to act on their landscape in their community.