Using the Name

Women Caring for the LandSM is service marked by the Women, Food and Agriculture Network. (Service marks are the equivalent of trademarks when dealing with services, not goods.) We’re always pleased when other groups want to use the name and logo for Women Caring for the LandSM – we want this successful program to reach as many women farmland owners as possible!

If you are interested in holding a Women Caring for the LandSM learning circle, there are a few stipulations for using the name.

How to hold a Women Caring for the LandSM learning circle:

  • Use the learning circle model as described in Women Caring for the LandSM: Improving Conservation Outreach to Female Non-Operator Farmland Owners. This award-winning curriculum manual is available for free download, and hardcopies are available at cost.

  • In your announcement and other promotional materials, include that the program originated with the Women, Food and Agriculture Network. Here is an example of what you could include: “The learning circles method of conservation outreach to women farmland owners, and the activities used, were developed by Women, Food and Agriculture Network for its Women Caring for the LandSM program.”

  • Notify the Women, Food and Agriculture Network about the date, time, and location of your learning circle so we can spread the word! Our website serves as the clearinghouse where women landowners can see all the learning circles happening across the country.

  • If you can, after the learning circle, share with us the number of women landowners that attended and the number of acres they own. We are also happy to share with you the evaluation forms we developed for the learning circles.

  • If you would like your participants to receive the Patchwork Newsletter, our free, twice-yearly publication for women landowners, send us a copy of your sign-in sheet of attendees (both professionals and landowners).

What is available to you:

  • A recognized, trusted, and award-winning program

  • High-quality logo in color or black and white

  • Brochures created specifically for women landowners on various conservation topics, for free download from our website or hardcopies at cost

  • Opportunity for your participants to receive the Patchwork Newsletter, our twice-yearly publication for women landowners

If you have any questions we are happy to talk to you!

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