Plate to Politics Videos

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Letters to the Editor 101

Want to bring awareness to an issue in your community through writing? Learn from three women writing about food justice.

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Invite a Woman to Run

Interested in inviting a woman to run for office?

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Educate Without Offending

Learn how to educate your friends and family about issues you care about without offending.

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Visibility: The Power of Stories

Blogger Sylvia Burgos Toftness shares how to use blogging to raise awareness about issues you’re involved with.

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Building Smart Alliances

This webinar features Karen Washington, a former president of the New York City Community Garden Coalition and Pakou Hang, Executive Director of the Hmong American Farmers Association.

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When the Personal Becomes Political

This webinar features women who have run for public office. Presenters include Denise O’Brien, Lea Webb, Sarah Lloyd and Faith Winter.

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Connecting with Community Radio

Presenters Melinda Hemmelgarn of Food Sleuth Radio and Elisa Parker from offer their insights on using community radio to connect with others the issues they’re passionate about.

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Advancing Women Leaders in Food & Farming

Learn about the importance of advancing women leaders in the healthy farm movement.

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Social Media Trends & Tools

Dr. Julie Fox from Ohio State and Connie Hancock from University of Nebraska Extension talk about trends and tools in social media.