Plate to Politics Podcast: JoBeth Hamon, Oklahoma City City Councillor


This episode features JoBeth Hamon, a City Councillor from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. JoBeth was elected to Oklahoma City City Council in 2018. As a dedicated and passionate public servant, JoBeth fights for the betterment of her local community.

Currently, JoBeth works in downtown Oklahoma City at Mental Health Association of Oklahoma as the Education Coordinator where she coordinates the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, a top rated conference that provides cutting edge mental health education to Oklahomans. Additionally, she facilitates multiple suicide prevention training programs for community groups across the City.

Today, JoBeth lives in downtown Oklahoma City with her partner Marty and their dog DJ. She lives without a car, choosing to navigate the city solely on her bike and the city’s EMBARK bus system.

JoBeth talks about why she decided to run for city council, how she managed her campaign, and why the issues she’s passionate about make her well suited to serve on city council.

The information presented in this podcast is for informational purposes only, and does not represent an endorsement of any particular candidate or of the Plate to Politics program.

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