Plate to Politics Podcast: Danielle Adams, Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor


This episode features Danielle Adams, a Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor from Durham County, North Carolina.

Danielle Adams is currently the youngest elected official in Durham. During her first term she received the 2012 Outstanding Supervisor of the Year award for NC. She has mentored many women to run for office, including fellow SWCD supervisor Jenna Wadsworth. Danielle is the Southern Coordinator for Local Progress, the network of 500+ progressive local elected officials across the country dedicated to shared prosperity, equal justice under law, sustainable and livable cities, and good government that serves the public interest.

Danielle serves in a role her mother formerly held, and she talks about navigating that space as a young woman elected to political office. She also discusses some of the challenges, including approaching racism, ageism, and even dating while serving in office. She also some helpful tips for how she’s navigated those.

To learn more about the role of Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners and Supervisors generally, listen to our episode featuring Alisha Bower.

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