Plate to Politics Podcast: Letters to the Editor 101

In this podcast we learned several ways to make writing an LTE less scary and more enjoyable. This episode is adapted from a Letters to the Editor 101 webinar we hosted on March 18, 2017.

Presenters included Angie Carter, Environmental Sociologist at Augustana College; Patti Edwardson, Farmer in Greene County, Iowa; and Ahna Kruzic, Publications & Communications Coordinator at Food First. Together they discussed writing effective letters, including finding your voice, framing your argument, how to submit a letter, writing as a coalition and handling reactions.

A video recording for this episode is available here.

Thanks to Rachel’s Network for sponsoring the Plate to Politics podcast, allowing us to get leadership training to more women in our network.

The theme music for our podcast is Song for Riemann by Expendable Friend.

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