Women Caring for the Land Workshop Held in Stanhope

by Kayla Hasper, Watershed Coordinator at Prairie Rivers of Iowa A group of women from in and around the Squaw Creek Watershed came together to participate in the “Women Caring for the Land” workshop held April 13, 2017, in Stanhope.

This workshop, co-sponsored by Prairie Rivers of Iowa and the Women, Food, and Agriculture Network, offered participants the chance to discuss individual farm management practices with local conservationists in a relaxed, peer-to-peer format that fosters learning through hands-on demonstrations.

“In order to spread awareness and increase implementation of conservation practices in the watershed, we have utilized tools like the Women Caring for the Land model to target specific groups of landowners in the watershed,” said Kayla Hasper, Watershed Coordinator at Prairie Rivers of Iowa.

The morning was spent at the Stanhope Community Center learning about assessing and improving soil health. Jean Eells, owner of E Resources Group, provided a demonstration of a slake test, which measures the stability of soil when it is exposed to a sudden onslaught of water. Another demonstration showed participants how they can test their soil’s ability to soak in water and cycle it through, known as an infiltration test.

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