WFAN's Women's Conservation Outreach Materials Recognized with Media Award

Women Food and Agriculture Network, Dr. Jean Eells of E Resources Group, and Dr. Michael Dahlstrom at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University have worked closely together over the past few years to create 10 conservation publications designed for women non-operator landowners. Their groundbreaking work was recognized recently with a 2016 Outstanding Interpretive Print Media Award from the Iowa Association of Naturalists and the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition.

Our goal was to produce publications to successfully get conservation information in women’s hands. Since 2007, WFAN has held dozens of meetings for more than 2,000 women landowners in 10 states to deliver information on soil and water conservation. Topics for the meetings spanned a range of conservation topics, such as soil health, hunting and wildlife, state and federal conservation programs, and wetlands protection.  The 10 publications of interpretive brochures and booklets were developed primarily by Jean Eells of E Resources Group (content) and Dr. Dahlstrom and some of his students (editing and design), funded by grants awarded to WFAN by various state and federal conservation agencies.

You can see the materials, most of which are free for download, at this link.

Congratulations, Jean and Michael!