WFAN Wants Your Recipes!

lunchplateBut not just any recipes. We’re looking for the ones handed down to you from your mother, grandmother, aunt, or other women friends and forebears. These heirloom recipes always have a story, and we want to hear it (around 100 words is best). We’d love to see a picture, too: of the woman who gave you the recipe, of the food itself, or of you and your family and friends growing, making or eating it – whatever illustrates the story best. Of course, WFAN recipes should feature locally grown food whenever possible!

Submit your recipe, story, and photo anytime between now and June 30, 2017, and we will use them in our newsletters and blog. We’re also planning to create a WFAN Heirloom Cookbook to sell at the 2017 annual conference, Nov. 2-4 in Madison, Wisc.

Send your recipes and pictures to