Spinning Food: New Report Exposes Corporate Influences on Food and Ag Reporting

ImageProxy.mvcA new report released by Friends of the Earth investigates how many large food and agrochemical companies are using tobacco-style PR tactics to mislead the public and attack the organic food industry to try to win back skeptical consumers. The report was researched and written by Kari Hamerschlag, Anna Lappe, and Stacy Malkan. See the Friends of the Earth report here.  

Read the report, and what journalists, the public and public interest advocates can do about it:

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See more information here.

Release: http://www.foe.org/news/archives/2015-06-new-report-exposes-how-front-groups-shape-story-of-food

Report: http://webiva-downton.s3.amazonaws.com/877/3b/f/5992/FOE_SpinningFoodReport_14.pdf