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Guest Post: Sepia-toned Storytelling by The Anxious Shepherdess

A good friend, at the beginning of my blog sharing, told me to write about every bad thing, write it down and talk about it and acknowledge it. I think that is an easier thing to say than do; and much easier to do if the bad thing is like, “I was so cold harvesting vegetables today that my fingers went numb,” or “A deer ate 80 cabbages last night.” Those things suck, and the cabbages is definitely a significant loss, but at the same time, you can pick yourself back up from that.

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Tina Bakehouse Builds Community Through Storytelling, Farming

For some, it might seem like moving to a rural community would mean the end of a career in arts and teaching, but that has not been the case for Tina. In fact, the farm has opened up many opportunities to create and expand her skills. After teaching high school and college for almost twenty years, she started a new career in the fall of 2017 at Golden Hills Resource Conservation and Development as an Outreach and Communication Coordinator.

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Through Mentorship, Becca Vasquez Connects Latinx Heritage with Urban Agriculture Future

It was there on my late grandfather's rented garden plot in Burlington, IA, where I harvested my first vegetable. I remember running between the corn rows with my cousins and brother, playfully tossing dirt clods at each other, and eating freshly picked cucumbers with salt, chile and lemon. This vivid childhood memory of the garden persists despite my general childhood amnesia.

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