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Women, Land and Legacy State Team Member Recognized for USDA Outreach Work

On April 9th Women, Land & Legacy State Team member Wendi Denham was awarded the USDA Equal Employment Opportunity/Civil Rights Individual Achievement Award during the Diversity Day presentation in April. According to State FSA Executive Director Amanda De Jong USDA agencies look for employees that have conducted activities, such as cultural awareness, outreach to the underserved and civil rights participation.

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USDA Diversity Day Highlights Women Ag. Outreach Groups, Recognizes Emmet/Palo Alto Women, Land & Legacy

In March I presented at the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) annual Diversity Day meeting, which this year highlighted women’s agricultural outreach groups (March was also Women’s History Month). Speaking to nearly 800 NRCS employees, my goal was to emphasize the immense positive impact Women, Land & Legacy and WFAN programs are having on Iowa’s women and, in effect, Iowa farmland.

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Choosing Your CRP Journey Helps Women Landowners Navigate Programs

“Many women landowners have strong conservation values, but they aren’t participating in conservation programs in the numbers that they should,” said Carol Schutte, WFAN’s Women Caring for the Land coordinator. “By creating a brochure specific to women landowners the Women Caring for the Land program hopes to increase the knowledge and awareness of CRP among women landowners.”

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