Our Beginning Women Farmer Program, Harvesting Our Potential, Kicks Off for the Season

WFAN Mentor Gathering 2015On a beautiful weekend in mid-March, fifteen women who will be participating in the 2015 Harvesting Our Potential mentor/mentee program met to discuss their hopes and dreams for the coming growing season. All were there to gather and share information. Some were meeting for the first time, while others were reconnecting after having participated in the program during its first two years. One of the comments about the best part of the gathering was, “The networking was great and the presentations were extremely education. Loved the food and the location!” When you’re at Whiterock Conservancy, with a host like Liz Garst, you can’t help but have a great experience. This program is an opportunity for women who are interested in or just beginning their own farm enterprises to work side-by-side with women farmers who are not only successful farmers, but are also successful business entrepreneurs. These pairs of women will work together for several weeks during the growing season. Despite some claims to the contrary, it is still important to get your hands in the dirt. But it is also about getting your head in the books. Farming is a way of life AND a business. Thankfully, we were also able to hear Ed Cox, an attorney, share information about many of the legal issues that do not need to be overwhelming, but must be considered in order to have a successful operation. There was not a woman in the room who did not understand these concepts, and looked forward to the challenge.

For the last three years, the program was funded by a Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Grant through the USDA. Please help us keep the program going! If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women farmers, and in the current agricultural landscape, this would be a place for you to provide your support.