No One Will Care for the Land Like You Do

GetAttachment.aspx copy Many of you may have first read the story of Ruth and Shawna Rabinowitz through WFAN’s spring 2014 newsletter. ThGetAttachment.aspx copy 2e California sisters’ father David, a retired Arizona physician, owns 10 Iowa farms, and his daughters are gradually assuming full management of the properties. Conservation is a key goal for them, and they are working hard with their farmers to make sure the soil is protected from erosion and ground water is safe from chemical runoff. They are focusing on cover crops, no-till and grassy waterways

Ruth is the sister who is more heavily involved with the farms. She visits each farm at least once a year, and visits regularly with each farmer. “I want them to know that I care, and that I’m not just coming once a year,” Ruth says, and adds with a smile, “I think they all know that now.”

ReceGetAttachment-1.aspxntly the Natural Resources Conservation Service interviewed her for a 4-minute video, aptly titled “Long-Distance Land Management: No One Will Care for the Land Like You Do.” In it, she shares some of her journey as a new out-of-state farmland manager with a passion for healthy soil and water. Take a look at the video.