Mel Bro Joins WFAN as Women, Land and Legacy Coordinator

By Bridget Holcomb  

Melody Bro headshotWe are thrilled to have Mel Bro join our team as the coordinator for the Women, Land and Legacy program! Mel will work on expanding WFAN’s outreach to women in rural Iowa through Women, Land and Legacy local groups, where women hold ongoing meetings in their counties covering topics from farm management to conservation.

“It amazes me how passionate women are about the land and how eager they are to learn more,” Mel says. “Having seen the benefits of the program on the local level, I'm hoping to help make this program available to every woman throughout the state of Iowa."

And to women who don’t live in Iowa: we hope it doesn’t take long for other states to realize that something special going on with this program! These local groups empower women to make so many positive changes to their farms and the land they own, it’s only a matter of time until this program spreads across the country.

Mel will be the first staff member for the Women, Land and Legacy program. Although the program has been around for 10 years and is active in 22 counties, all of the program’s successes are due to the efforts of the Women, Land and Legacy State Team, which includes women from many state and federal agencies. And we love working with these women. They kick butt.

More information on Women, Land and Legacy can be found here.

And huge thanks to the Iowa Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. This work is possible because of their support, and the support of all of our wonderful donors.

Speaking of which, if you would like to be a wonderful donor, go here!

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