Life in the Margins: Hedgerows Help Biodiversity

Co Durham Landscape, Marwood 1Want to encourage greater biodiversity on your farmland? Consider planting hedgerows. These centuries-old agricultural tools are garnering new interest as landowners learn their habitat benefits. Even urban and suburban lawns and parks can benefit. Coulter

David Coulter is a horticulturist based in Oak Park, IL. He has worked throughout the Midwest for over 35 years and primarily assists his clients with urban forestry and project management needs. His interest in hedgerows likely was kindled during childhood forays in and around rows of Osage-orange trees in the suburbs of Chicago—and continues unabated to this day.

Here are links to two of Dave's recent articles about hedgerows, provided with his permission.

"Living on the (H)edge," published by the Center for Humans and Nature.

"Life in the Margins: The Role of the Post-Modern Hedgerow," published by Solutions journal.