Harris is Iowa Conservation Woman of the Year

Linda Harris is the 2015 Iowa Conservation Woman of the Year. She owns farmland in western Iowa, and has worked for 15 years to install conservation practices to solve resource concerns on her family’s 316-acre farm. Linda has worked with the tenant to make sure the best possible systems are being used to conserve the soil.

Her father BIll put in tL Harris HShe first terrace on the farm in 1990. Linda has continued installing terraces for a total of 27,110 feet since 2001, equivalent to 5.1 miles of terraces.

In 2003 she renovated and expanded the farmstead windbreak. The farm still has a pasture with an unstraightened stream, including an oxbow. She has also worked with the tenant to install field borders and grassed waterways, uses contouring, and practices no-till on the whole farm.

She says, “Conservation not only not only saves soil for future generations, it improves soil health for today’s production.” She was nominated for the award by her local Pottawattamie County Soil and Water Conservation District. Linda is also a Master Gardener.

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