Women, Food and Agriculture Network is Hiring!

Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) seeks a Program & Communications Coordinator. 

Want to help take WFAN into its next stage of growth and development? We’d love to meet you!

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About WFAN
WFAN is a nationwide network of women and others working in sustainable agriculture toward a vision of a vibrant, community-centered food and agricultural system in which women and non-binary people are strong leaders. WFAN’s mission is to engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power. Our current programs are Harvesting Our PotentialPlate to PoliticsWomen Caring for the Land; and Women, Land and Legacy. We also hold an annual conference and work to increase the presence of women in food and agriculture in the media. Our staff and other contractors work remotely from many locations.

Role of Program & Communications Coordinator

The Program & Communications Coordinator will report directly to the WFAN Executive Director. The Program & Communications Coordinator is responsible for managing the Women Caring for the Land program and overseeing WFAN’s general communication efforts, which are focused on amplifying the voices of WFAN members and ensuring that the media narrative of food and agriculture includes women’s voices, as well as WFAN’s values of sustainability and food justice. Responsibilities will include:

Women Caring for the Land:

·      Coordinate and facilitate educational workshops, meetings and conference engagements associated with the program

·      Coordinate with partner groups who request our assistance to host WCL meetings

·      Discuss WCL with potential new partners

·      Communicate with existing partners on using WCL name and logo

·      Write articles for Patchwork newsletter

·      Revise program goals and objectives to meet the changing needs of program participants and funder requirements

·      Comply with policies and procedures governing the program and ensure that the program is operating at maximum efficiency

·      Interact with members of the organization and community to help achieve overall program goals and objectives


·      Craft general communications around core messages

·      Collect stories from members, conduct interviews, maintain a member story database, and write stories for our blog and newsletters

·      Cultivate relationships with media outlets, develop media list, and schedule media interviews for Executive Director and staff. Participate in interviews when necessary.

·      Manage WFAN’s social media presence and coordinate other regular communications with WFAN members

·      Maintain and update photo database 

·      Create pages, forms, and surveys in database as agreed upon with the Executive Director 

·      Oversee regular communications with database and technology contractors, including support and updates 


·      Meet with the WFAN Executive Director and participate in regular staff meetings

·      Submit reimbursements and credit card receipts monthly

·      Identify future funding opportunities; assist with fundraisers, as needed

·      Assist in writing grant reports and grant applications


·      Attend WFAN conference

·      Participate in speaking engagements, as needed

·      Identify and participate in professional development

·      Other duties as assigned by Executive Director

Preferred Qualifications: 


·      Experience working in sustainable agriculture and food systems

·      Commitment to anti-racist, pro-rural and gender-inclusive work

·      Strong ability to communicate the mission, vision, and values of WFAN to a variety of audiences

·      Experience with grassroots advocacy, grassroots membership building, and/or grassroots organizing.

Communications & Program Coordination Experience

·      Ability to work independently

·      Possesses knowledge of effective marketing and outreach strategies

·      Demonstrates strong writing and editing skills and experience

·      Communicates clearly and effectively

·      Possesses strong event organization and detail management skills

·      Exhibits proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

·      Design experience is a plus

Location and travel
A candidate located in the Midwest, where WFAN has strong roots, is not required, and national remote applicants are encouraged to apply. All current WFAN staff work from home in IA and IN. This position will require some national travel. 

Compensation and benefits
This position requires 40 hours per week, with benefits and requirements as set out in the WFAN Employee Handbook. Salary falls in the $40,000 to $45,000 range and is subject to merit and cost of living increases dependent upon evaluations and future program funding.

Application process
Please send: a resume or CV, two references, salary requirements, and a cover letter to apply@wfan.org by Aug. 31, 2019. For questions, please contact apply@wfan.org.

WFAN’s Gender Inclusivity Statement
Recognizing that building an ecological and just food system requires leadership and representation from diverse communities, WFAN aspires to create an environment that welcomes women and gender non-conforming people who are passionate about creating a better food system. WFAN is committed to using gender-inclusive and non-sexist language that affirms and respects how people describe, express, and experience their gender. As an organization whose work is rooted in dismantling patriarchal structures that exclude women in the food system, we deeply understand the importance of spaces that are inclusive to the experiences of individuals whose identities may not fit the gender binary, and/or who may not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. Identities including trans, intersex, and genderqueer reflect personal descriptions, expressions, and experiences. We encourage network members to share their preferred pronouns and names, and these gender identities and expressions will be honored by WFAN staff and in our network spaces. WFAN is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, and those directly impacted by the issues that WFAN is working to address are strongly encouraged to apply.