Do you support the Green New Deal?

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Engaging women like you in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system is WFAN's mission. We know that addressing the climate crisis means transforming our food system and revitalizing rural America. 

That's why we recently signed on to a letter with over 300 organizations urging Congress to make food and agriculture central to the climate crisis and Green New Deal debate. You can read the full letter here.

As the Green New Deal moves forward with proposals to combat the climate crisis while creating millions of jobs and ensuring a just transition to a sustainable future, America’s farmers, ranchers, fishers and workers who feed the nation must be at the center of this policy agenda, not on the sidelines.

The original New Deal helped America’s farmers survive the Great Depression and feed our nation while restoring farmlands and soil. The Green New Deal can do even better: restoring our climate by regenerating soil and biodiversity while ensuring fair prices and family-sustaining livable wages for the farmers, ranchers, fishers and workers who bring food to our tables.

The letter identifies four key policy priorities for a Green New Deal:

  • Carbon reduction, sequestration and climate resilience via a rapid, just transition that empowers farmers and ranchers to adopt ecologically regenerative, organic and agroecological practices;

  • Fair prices for farmers, ranchers and fishers, anti-trust measures that help reverse food sector consolidation, and healthy working conditions with family-sustaining living wages for workers;

  • Diversified, resilient local and regional food economies anchored by family farmers, ranchers and fishers that ensure healthy, sustainable food for all, combat consolidation in the food and farming sector and reverse the rapid loss of farmers and deterioration of farmland;

  • Avoid “false solutions” and agribusiness-sponsored proposals that do nothing to address the systemic causes of our climate crisis and delay progress.

We want to hear your thoughts on the Green New Deal through this five-minute survey. Your feedback will help inform how we will contribute feedback on policy priorities related to the climate crisis and the Green New Deal debate