We're renovating our website for the future.

In the spirit of Stepping Into Action, Women, Food and Agriculture Network is making some changes. We’ve been working on revamping our main website all summer and were going to wait to launch at the end of this year. But we couldn’t wait to show you WFAN’s fresh new look.

In order to better serve the women in our network and tell your stories, we decided we needed a more user-friendly platform. What you see on this conference microsite today is a taste of the more agile, storytelling focus of our organization in the future. In the next few months you will see all of the great resources, blog posts, and event listings from our main website move to this platform.

We had a good run!

We had a good run!

Why are you doing this?

Deciding to undergo a website migration was not an easy decision. WFAN has a small staff (about 4 full-time employees) and the scale of this transition is big. But after hearing from women in our network about issues they have navigating our event listings and experiencing limitations telling stories of women in our network in dynamic, captivating ways, we decided we had to do it.

A few features that we hope our members will appreciate

  • Mobile responsiveness: Moving our website to a new platform will allow us to make every page user-friendly across mobile and desktop devices. Whether you’re in the field or at a desk, we hope this website is easier to use!

  • Creative agility: Our network members are so creative. You’re farmers, advocates, storytellers, artists, poets, and so much more! We wanted a website that would allow us to highlight the beauty of all you create quickly and dynamically.

  • Improved event listings: The Google Calendar method we use on our main website to list events is very limiting. We want to be able to provide you with accurate, easy to find information. Changing platforms allows us to make this change.

What do I need to know?

Over the next few months you might see us linking to wfan.org and wfan2018.org. Know that both of these websites (as well as our CRM, wfan.powerbase.org) are really WFAN! We’ll do our best to differentiate where the links are taking you when we post them, but please be patient during this transition. We can’t wait to build a stronger network in-person and digitally.

Women, Food & Ag Network