Women, Food and Agriculture Network Frequently Asked Questions

We realize our membership organization is a new direction for WFAN, and so we thought you might have a few questions. we’re glad you asked…

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Wait, I thought I already was a WFAN member! 

Since its inception, Women, Food and Agriculture Network has been considered a network-based membership organization. We have operated on the idea that everyone who has impacted—or has been impacted by—our work, either as a participant in one of our workshops or learning circles or as a donor to our organization, is a “member” of WFAN. But we want to do more with our organization to build an ecological and just food and agriculture system, and, to do that, we need to build out a true dues-paying, membership-driven organization. 

But what does this change really mean? 

What this new member-driven organization will mean: If we sign petitions or letters, if we develop policy, if we lobby legislators, it will be on behalf of you. We will be able to speak to how many true members we represent. We will be able to speak to the types of members we represent. We will be able to speak to the policies and values our membership wants us to represent. And we hope this new framework will encourage you to own your membership and participation in WFAN as a dues-paying member. What do we mean by own? We hope you will feel encouraged to be more involved in discussions, policy-making, events, conferences, and program development. We want you to engage with us, to help drive the organization, and to tell others about what WFAN membership means for you. 

What are the benefits of joining? 

We are still working out all the benefits of joining WFAN, but we do know this much: By joining, regular and student members will receive a $25 discount when registering for our annual conference. (WISA conferences not included, unless WFAN is hosting the event.) As a regular member, you also will be added to private listservs that offer information on media opportunities, as well as access to materials that we develop through our programming. When we develop online workshops and webinars or build out storytelling materials, for instance, we want to share these materials with our members, and we will do so through members-only communications channels. When available, you also will receive discounts from women-owned businesses for services and products made by and for women. Check out Dovetail Workwear, our first woman-owned business to offer new WFAN members $15 off of your first order. (If you’re a woman-owned business hoping to partner with WFAN by offering discounts to our members, please email info@wfan.org!) Lastly, as a regular member you will be listed on our membership page on the website, and you’ll receive regular member newsletters with news about issues, special offers, and upcoming events. 

You mentioned listservs. If I don’t join, will I get kicked off the WFAN listserv? 

Nope! Our regular listserv will remain active and open to everyone who signs up!

What is a Member+ program member? 

For a limited time only! Leading up to the 2020 election, we believe our voices need to be heard. Join WFAN ($50), and for an extra $15 (approximately $35/year savings), you also will be registered as a member of Farmers Union. This membership level offers regular WFAN member benefits, plus all the benefits you would receive as a Farmers Union member, which includes discounts on goods and services, access to online and in-person conferences and educational opportunities, legislative fly-in opportunities, etc. Available in select states. Please email info@wfan.org with questions. Offer good until Election Day, 2020.

Why should I become a Champion member? 

Champion members who donate $250 or more to our organization are vital to our growth. These members will receive all the benefits of being a Member+ program member, plus they will be listed as Champion WFAN donors/members on our website. If you’re interested in your business being profiled through our social media outlets and websites, we will also offer Champion members two social media post promotions per year, plus one promotional profile per year. 

What if I can’t afford a membership? 

We have scholarships available to provide honorary memberships to those who are unable to buy in to any of the membership levels. Please contact us at info@wfan.org for more information! 

What if I already donated $50 this year and want that to count for my membership dues? 

Please contact us at info@wfan.org, and we will set up your new membership. That said, we encourage all our members to donate to Women, Food and Agriculture Network beyond the $50 regular member level. We have a lot of exciting programs ready to be built out for our members, and your support makes this important work possible. 

What if I have a question that isn’t on here? 
Feel free to contact us at info@wfan.org. Whatever we didn’t answer here, we will be happy to answer directly.