We train women to be farmers.

And sometimes we are the first place that women are told they can follow their dream to become a farmer – and there are women across the country just like them.

Women entering farming are more likely than their male counterparts to first ask how their farms can support their families and their communities. This perspective leads to women having farms that are more diverse, more likely to grow produce, and more likely to raise small animals. By supporting women farmers we are not only helping to create entrepreneurs, we are helping build community food security, bringing more diversity to the landscape, and protecting farmland into the future.

Women are just 30 percent of agriculture – a number that needs to increase. Unfortunately many women who want to farm experience firsthand that agriculture is still seen as a man’s game, and we work to show women that not only can they be successful farmers, there is a community of support across the country.

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Beginning farmer Learning Circles

To show women aspiring to farm that they can become farmers and that there are many women just like them, we hold Beginning Farmer Learning Circles. Learning Circles offer women an opportunity to learn and ask questions in a supportive environment, share their dreams about farming, meet women just like them, and learn about the next steps to take to make their dreams a reality.


On-Farm Experience

We pair women who want to farm with women who are already successful farmers for on-farm mentorships. Participants are matched with mentors who are involved in the type of farming that they are interested in embarking upon, and get hands-on experience.

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Online Resources for aspiring & Beginning Women Farmers

View a collection of resources women in our network found valuable as they began to explore a career in farming.


Harvesting Our Potential News & Profiles


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