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This is where to get the official updates on WFAN programs, activities, and our annual conference. You can sign up for our newsletter (sent every other month), Patchwork (our newsletter for women farmland owners that is sent twice per year), Plate to Politics updates (for women interested in using their voices or running for elected office), or whatever combination of those best suits you. Sign up here.

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This is a public access list where WFAN community members can connect with each other.  Anyone on the list can post to the list, so it’s a great way to stay in the loop about the great work other WFAN community members are doing no matter where you (or they!) are.  Emails include announcements about workshops, conferences, available land, and advocacy opportunities.  It’s easy to opt in or out of the list. You can also get each email separately or a digest email. Sign up here.